BURSTA - The Love Duo


Brushing never felt this good and easy! The finest quality dog pin brushes are designed for smooth and pleasant detangling of all medium and long-haired breeds. Bursta pin brushes won't tear the coat or irritate the skin. Finely crafted in Germany to last for years.


1 x Bursta 33 Pin brush

1x Bursta 8 Pin brush

  • Made of FSC® certified beechwood
  • Lifts out dead hair and debris
  • Evenly distributes skin's natural oils
  • Anti-static pins
  • Pleasant feeling on the skin
  • Contoured handle for ultimate comfort
  • Leaves a shiny and healthy coat

The difference between Bursta 33 and Bursta 8 pin brushes is in the pins' thickness and the brush's strength.

Bursta 33 is undoubtedly a better option for a more robust and thicker type of coats because it has a good grip. It's also great for wet brushing in the conditioning phase of bathing. It is very pleasant on the dog's skin, and it won't tear the coat.

Bursta 8 is more for a gentler type of skin/coat and a precise finish in combing. Features soft rubber cushion with flexible dull end pins that won’t break the coat or irritate the skin.

    Both brushes are must-haves for all long-haired and double-coated breeds, and it's personal preferences who likes to work with what type of pin brush.

          HOW TO USE IT

          Always use a detangling or conditioning spray while brushing to prevent damaging the coat. Spray on parts you wish to brush or detangle and gently work from the hair's tips to the roots.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 3 reviews
          Anna Orme
          Great brushes and grooming products.

          Just one word, AMAZING. What a difference , really pleased. I was deliberating long time because of price but absolute worth it.

          Eileen Bathgate
          Absolutely wonderful

          Wonderful duo, one for the dog and one for my son with afro hair, works wonders on both of them. Lost my first set when our house burned down three weeks ago.

          Terhi Tiainen

          Perfect brushes: gentle but effective

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