For the love of Dogs, and the planet!

The power of Dog, meets the power of Nature
The power of the dog brings vast benefits to their human companions, and the power of nature can provide immense benefits back to them. Doglyness is all about ascending dog care to a higher level while promoting the salvation of our environment. We believe that dogs deserve only the best all-natural products, and the environment doesn't have to suffer while being on that mission. We believe that dogs are beautiful by nature, and we want to make sure that their beauty shines.

At Doglyness, we believe in the well being of mother nature and respect all living beings. For us, effective natural dog products go hand in hand with respect for people, animals, and nature

We stand for innovation, social commitment, and sustainability
We believe in the advancement of science to enhance our groundbreaking research in the field of natural grooming solutions for pets and to develop new, state-of-the-art pet products. We promise to always collaborate with professionals in the industry to create the perfect line of pet care certified products. We are intensively researching what groomers, vets, and pet owners need worldwide. Doglyness strives to become the most trusted all-natural product line in the world. We promise to safeguard the health and well-being of our pets while creating sustainable pet solutions - environmental health matters to us. We promise to take our social responsibility seriously, and we are always driven to perfect what we do with passion, through our products, dealing with our customers and suppliers, or working together with each other.

Doglyness, for the love of dogs and the planet!

Our Value Statements


We are responsible, accountable, and respectful to all living beings.


We create all-natural pet products equivalent to the highest quality of human products available on the market.


Our all-natural pet products are custom designed to suit the needs of different dog breeds and types of coats.


Our all-natural pet products outperform chemical alternatives that are currently popular on the market.


Doglyness founders are themselves pet owners and working in the best interest of all dogs and mother nature.


We are the bringers of "The Apawcalypse"
At Doglyness, we are creating a new religion that'll bring you to your knees. Congratulations on making it through the first part of the 2020 apocalypse! We're about to unleash a new one, a great revelation about the power of the natural world communicated through our heavenly messengers – DOGS - The unveiling of the real connection between humans, dogs, and Mother Earth.

We are officially releasing the hounds in September 2020 with a pack of products that will enlighten your grooming routine and send chemicals into exile while providing a platform to save the planet.


Think Doglyness is too good to be true?

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