Hello, fellow British dog lovers!

We've officially gone to the dogs, and we couldn't be happier about it!

We are delighted you have joined our world of natural pet care and we would like to briefly introduce ourselves and our mission.

Transparency is one of our key missions, after all.

So, let’s start at the beginning!


Friendship. Heart. Passion.

Doglyness was founded by Anka Hana Sladoljev and Christina Abbott, two animal-loving friends setting out to change the world for the sake of humankind's best friend and our Planet. Our friendship began in Zagreb, Croatia, in 2013. After spending five years Oceans apart, Anka in Europe and Christina in Canada, we reunited in Germany in 2018. Through a series of divine interventions, we began our quest towards resurrecting the human connection to dogs. We are passionate about changing the world by preaching essential lessons we can learn from dogs and bringing social awareness to our intrinsic connection to dogs. Three things that powerfully drove us forward were heart, will, and passion.

Anka Hana & Hugo

Anka Hana Sladoljev—our Founder—and beautiful Hugo

The well-being of dogs and the environment is our TOP PRIORITY
For this reason, we have set out on the mission to develop the best all-natural grooming products, which are great for dogs, our precious environment, and you. Our products are carefully researched and developed with the assistance of top professional experts from the industry. Through collaboration, we have identified what is needed within a product range to be the ultimate, perfect line of pet care products. As a result, we have sourced the most superior natural ingredients available on the market because we believe that your dog's skin deserves nothing but the best. We have utilized our professional grooming experience and knowledge of different dog breeds and coat requirements to create a safe all-natural range of highly effective grooming products.

Hugo, wearing his custom-tailored Doglyness Immortelle suit

At Doglyness, Mother Earth is our role model
We are on a mission to introduce dog owners and non-owners alike to the power these animals have to connect us to nature, happiness, and a higher power.

Dogs are always in touch with nature; that's why we work directly with Mother Nature to design divine natural, sustainable, and environmentally friendly products. We need to change our way of thinking and to see things. When we realize that Earth is so much more than merely our environment, we will be moved to protect her in the same way as we would ourselves.
To bring about the kind of awareness and the awakening that we need as the planet's future depends on whether we can cultivate this insight. The Earth and all species on Earth are in real danger. Yet if we can develop a deep relationship with the Earth, we will have enough love, strength, and connection to change our way of life. The Earth is not something outside of us; it is us. The Earth is a loving mother, nurturing and protecting all peoples and all species without discrimination.

Doglyness is not just another pet care brand. These two friends put in every bit of their hearts and their enormous passion towards our furry companions and developed a line of products that is:

  • Certified organic and natural by a third party (ECOGEA)
  • Entirely cruelty-free
  • Locally produced (in EU)
  • Nasties free
  • Plastic-free and biodegradable (made of sugar cane)

Why go through all the trouble? Why put in so much hard work to create something like this?

Led by our pets' love and the environment, we believe that we developed the best dogdamn products available in the industry!

I hope our products make your dog look and feel spectacular and that you feel good about using non-toxic products in biodegradable containers. Doglyness is good for your dog, good for the planet, and good for your soul.

Read the message from our founder.


Meet the Lands!

Lynne and Steve Land’s lives revolve around dogs, in a nutshell. They have a small poodle army at home, they are dog breeders and groomers; and Lynne is also a holistic dog trainer and judge! That is quite a workload, isn’t it? Well, the Lands hold genuine love for dogs in their hearts, and they find support in each other, so things are working out perfectly.

Anka Hana & Hugo

Anka Hana Sladoljev and Lynn with their poodles

Oh yes, speaking of their love of dogs - guess what that resulted in?

They say destiny has its way of interfering in things and oh boy, has it had a magnificent part in our story!

By pure chance, Lynne came across Doglyness and decided to give it a try. Well, no one can give Doglyness just a try - the Lands fell completely in love and a jolly friendship was born! So, when Doglyness set out to reach the UK market, we knew who to ask to be our trusted distributors and dearest spokespeople.

After all, the love we have for dogs brings us all together and creates a tight community. This community is not just about sales, it’s about making the world a better and safer place; it is joined by devotion, tenderness and passion towards our best friends.

It isn’t just a community; it is a family.

Anka Hana & Hugo

Lynn with her amazing dogs

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