Leaving a pawsitive print on the planet

Sustainability is our collective responsibility
Humans emit more than 250 billion tonnes of chemical substances a year, in a toxic avalanche that harms people and life everywhere on the planet.

Choosing safe, plant-based, and sustainable products is the foundation for building overall health while contributing to a healthier world. Dog's are highly susceptible to allergies because of protein build up in their dead skin, saliva, and urine. The best way to protect your dogs from allergies, inflammations, and diseases is by choosing certified natural and sustainable products. 

Our products test earth positive
At Doglyness, we see it as our duty and our responsibility to do all that is within our power to offer you a sustainable option for all your pet-grooming needs. The pet grooming industry has traditionally had a rather large footprint and we know we can—we must—do better! This is why we've done our research and found an effective way to deliver the highest quality products without costing the Earth. 

Doglyness is committed to sustainability by using vegan bottles for its products

We love our compostable bottles and caps, and we're sure you'll do too!

Here are a few of the things that make us the first truly sustainable pet-grooming products brand:

  • We are proud to be the first pet brand in the industry that uses patented veganbottle® made with 100% raw compostable materials. 
  • We combat plastic pollution by banning any plastic or non-sustainable materials used in production, packaging, shipping, and storage. 
  • Almost all the ingredients we use in our products come from the highest quality botanical sources from the EU and they are certified organic and vegan by ECOGEA institute.
  • We're focused on good manufacturing practice: all of Doglyness cosmetic products have been made according to the GMP by trusted manufacturing partners.

We are an ambitious bunch, so do not expect us to stop here! We have big "green" plans and we pledge to keep pushing boundaries and improving our sustainability policy further. We hope you'll come along on the journey with us.


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